Holy War Database

Welcome to the Holy War Database, your source for your Holy War needs. Below is some of the content that you will be able to review, download, and gain valuable information:

  • Discussion forum for asking questions or general chit-chat
  • Items Database for viewing every item and relevant available statistic properties
  • Downloads of user created programs such as the Holy War Calculator
  • Tutorial for learning the basics of Holy War and getting into a pattern for play

So sit back and enjoy the content that members of Holy War have worked hard to bring you. I look forward to your continuous visits.

This website is not affiliated with Holy War or GameArt Studio GmbH. This is a fan website created by Katsuro and Underground, with the intent to help new players and old veterans alike with their Holy War experience, hopefully making it more enjoyable and informative. Any questions about this site should be addressed in the discussion forum here and not brought to Holy War itself.

News & Updates

July 25, 2022: Added Skill and Elixir Calculator download. Still working on best format for items, as well as mobile menu to replace the sidebar menu (or outright remove sidebar to allow for more items in a row)

July 23, 2022: Added Skill and Elixir Calculators. Currently creating format for equipment, as to be mobile device compatible