Dragon’s Dogma[c] is a 2012 action role-playing hack and slash video game by Capcom. First released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, an enhanced version subtitled Dark Arisen was later released for the same consoles in 2013, with ports releasing for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in the following years. Set in Gransys, a high fantasy world inspired by Sicily, the player takes on the role of a human protagonist dubbed the Arisen on a quest to defeat the dragon Grigori, a being said to herald the world’s end, while uncovering a deeper conspiracy along the way.

The gameplay focuses on the Arisen—a customizable avatar—exploring Gransys completing quests and fighting monsters in real-time combat. The protagonist is accompanied by Pawns, characters who provide combat support and advice; the protagonist has one customized Pawn, and two additional Pawns either pre-set within the game or other customized Pawns shared by other players through an online lobby. Both standard combat and boss battles involve grappling with or climbing on enemies.

The design document for Dragon’s Dogma was created by director Hideaki Itsuno in 2000 prior to working on Devil May Cry 2. Itsuno successfully pitched the project and production began in 2008. The 150-strong staff, who had previously worked on Capcom franchises such as Street Fighter, Breath of Fire, and Devil May Cry, took inspiration from Devil May Cry 1. [1] The music, led by Tadayoshi Makino and including contributions from Israeli-American composer Inon Zur, used a full orchestra and focused on ambiance. Dark Arisen was designed to incorporate fan feedback and offer a complete experience for both old and new players.

Dragon’s Dogma received positive reviews from critics, who praised its gameplay, but generally criticized the narrative for being lacking. The original game and Dark Arisen had sold 7.9 million units by September 2023. It has also gained a cult following. A Japan-exclusive massively multiplayer online role-playing game titled Dragon’s Dogma Online released in 2015. An original net animation adaptation was globally released on Netflix in 2020. A sequel, Dragon’s Dogma 2, was released on March 22, 2024.